Michelle Furlong

6 July
25 August 2024

Opening July 06, 2024


Playing-Body by Michelle Furlong, invites viewers⋅rices to immerse themselves in a world of liminal zones where the performativity of play, symbols and gestures transcends the physical realm. Focusing on the somatic and rhythmic aspects of the playing body, this body of work s examines the social, cultural and psychological dimensions of play that extend beyond physical identity to encompass the ritualized behaviors found in games, sports and other cultural practices.

Using non-traditional materials and techniques, Furlong challenges the boundaries between human and non-human, animate and inanimate, body and matter. She explores the transformative potential of play as a means of transcending boundaries and creating new forms of world-building. By moving beyond the materiality of our bodies and reimagining new boundaries, Playing-Body challenges our preconceptions of what is possible in painting and sculpture.